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Golf Clinics

Bringing the game of golf to a whole new level.  The challenge of getting that little white ball in the little white hole. Golf has been constantly growing over the years. Kosaido instructors have years of experience helping beginners to get started with their very own golf game. Our golf academy will help lay the foundation. Our instructors will inform you on the following:

  • equipment need
  • proper technique
  • the ins & outs of driving, chipping, & putting

Company Seminar &
Golf Packages

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Golf Clinics

Trial Membership

3 month Trial Membership
€ 495

Does not include DGV ID/unable to renew

Driving Range Pass

3-Month Pass
€ 185

Introductory Course

Hour with Pro 160€
bei Max. 10 people

Rental Clubs, Range Pass, & Range Balls 15€ per person

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Introductory Course
To optimize our introductory course to the fullest, we recommend a time of 2 hours. We offer give our beginners the attention that they need to acquire proper instruction. If the number of participants exceed 10, we will ensure to provide a second Pro

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