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Greenkeeping Team
Tony Falleroni, our Head Greenkeeper, has completed courses in Turf Management and Horticulture from the Community College of Allegheny in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University, USA. He has extensive experience in the field of Turf Management and Landscaping and has been the owner of a Turf Management and Landscape Construction Company, A & A Landscaping and Supply Co. Incorporated, for many years.

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Tony Falleroni, Head Greenkeeper
Tony Falleroni, Head Greenkeeper

As an American and Italian citizen Tony has lived in Germany since 2007. He is an enthusiastic golfer with HCP 16.1. Tony Falleroni, with his knowledge and experience, together with the team’s passionate experience in the field of greenkeeping at the Kosaido Golf Club - Lorenzo Marchegiani, Vladimir Zimmermann (9 years ) And Yuri Galata (9 years) will present to you again this year, an enjoyable and sometimes challenging golf course, in a very good condition.