Kosaido International is known as one of the amazing & most challenging 18-hole golf course in NRW. Measuring almost 5,600 meters from the championship tees, our course is sure to challenge golfers of all levels.
The 18-hole championship offers views that range from the Bergischen Landes area and stretches as far as the Ruhrgebiet. These amazing views meet the demand of our international members and guests.
Kosaido International is surrounded by a large array of horseback riding and hiking trails.

We are proud to present our course

18 holes,
18 different challenges


1st Hole

Take advantage of this relatively short Par 5 that can be reached in 2 strokes. The green is located behind a beautiful water hazard and is surrounded by 3 bunkers. This green demands an accurate approach shot.

2nd Hole

This is the first of Kosaido’s 5 par 3’s you will need a precise tee shot from this elevated tee. This hole plays shorter than the distance given.

3rd Hole

This difficult dogleg par 4 will require two well-struck shots to reach the green in two. Not to mention, a creek that runs through the fairway that presents a challenge of its own.

4th Hole

The 4th hole is a dogleg left challenges golfers to have an excellent tee-shot placed on the left side of the fairway. This allows for an easier approach to the green.

5th Hole

Hole 5 allows long hitters to attack the green from the tee.  Otherwise, the right side of the fairway would be the ideal shot of the tee.

6th Hole

This long par 3 is surrounded by a number of bunkers to the left and right.

7th Hole

This par 5 will yield some birdies. Fairway bunkers to the right, demands tee-shots to stay to the left. Once approaching the green, make sure your approach shot is accurate due to the number of bunkers surrounding the green.

8th Hole

This is Kosaido’s shortest hole and gives golfers a great opportunity to Birdie the hole. The oversized green gives golfers of all levels to have a chance write down a 2 on their scorecard.

9th Hole

This hole belongs to one of the most difficult holes on the course.  A precise tee shot to the left of the fairway is needed to attack this Par 4.  The green is place behind a water hazard and is surrounded by a number of bunkers.

10th Hole

This picturesque par 4 is the highest point in the Dusseldorf area. Allowing you to enjoy the sights of the surrounding area. Due to the descending fairway, the hole plays a lot short than it actually is.

11th Hole

This difficult Par 3 challenges golfers to place their tee shot on the right side of the green.

12th Hole

This Par 5 dogleg left demands a tee shot that reaches the fairway. Once the ravine is cleared, your next shot should be placed on the left side of the fairway. Bunkers placed around the green make your approach shot very difficult.

13th Hole

Tee shots need to stay to the right of the fairway bunker. Approach shots placed on the left side of the green, gives golfers the best chance to finish the hole.

14th Hole

A par here is a respectful score here. Long hitters should be aware of the grassy bunker in the middle of the fairway.  Conservative approach shots to the right of the fairway allow the best chance to par the hole.

15th Hole

Swing away here as you have an oversized fairway awaiting you. A solidly struck drive to the left will leave a chance to reach the green in two. Approach shots need to be thought carefully due to the lower placed green. A small bunker to the front of the green and two to the back surround the green.

16th Hole

Carrying the green is a must. The ravine below causes trouble that should be avoided. Choose your club carefully, because you will need to clear this well bunkered green.

17th Hole

A well thought out tee shot is a must.  This narrow fairway finishes with a two tier-landing zone that makes for a difficult tee shot. Approach shots must clear the ravine for any chance to par the hole.

18th hole

It’s all up hill from here.  Kosaido’s finishing hole is a longest hole on the course.  Shots into the green play longer than it actually looks. You need to be precise with your approach to avoid the bunkers surrounding the green.