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The perfect start to your golf career –
the golf license in Düsseldorf

The golf license is the first major goal of a golf beginner. If you complete your golf license with us in Düsseldorf, you will get to know a special golf course. The golf license course prepares you optimally for golf in 12 hours of training.

It is ideal if you have already completed a golf taster course. Click on the current course times on the left for more detailed information on our golf license courses.

Included in the course:

  • 12 hours of lessons (theory and practice)
  • Examination date
  • Rental clubs and training balls during class
  • Range fee during class
  • an After Golf beverage brand for pils, golfers or water after each lesson
  • After passing the DGV golf license test, you will receive
    a voucher worth 20 euros from GolfHouse Düsseldorf.

Questions and Answers

In this course, the focus is on obtaining the license to play golf. This is the golfers’ so-called “driver’s license” and entitles them to play independently on the golf course. Learn the basics of golf. In addition to the active part of playing golf, you will acquire basic knowledge of etiquette and rules here.

The aim of the course is to successfully pass the DGV golf license test, which is approved according to the standards of the German Golf Association.

A lot of anticipation and motivation are the best preparation! In addition, it could be exciting and helpful for you if you download the German Golf Association (DGV) license app before the golf license course (for a fee of € 4.99). Here you can deal with the theory beforehand, which will help you to get the most out of
your course!

No, there is no strict dress code. The main thing is that the clothes are comfortable and suitable for golf. For example, polo shirts, comfortable trousers and sneakers are popular. Yoga clothes, tracksuits and uncomfortable jeans are not trendy.

We offer the following license to play golf courses:

Morning golf license courses

  • Fit for the day golf license course

Evening golf license courses

  • Afterwork golf license course

Weekend golf license courses

  • Weekend crash course
  • 4 weeks handicap intensive course

We offer golf license courses at different times so that there is something for everyone. Each course comprises 12 hours.

7 reasons

why you should play golf:


is enough per week to increase concentration and reduce stress.

100–200 SWEEPS

includes an 18 hole game.


If they play regularly, golfers live longer than non-golfers are happy and benefit not only from the Health benefits but also the extensive social interaction.

100% COOL

Golf is cool and fun!


werden bei einem Golfschwung beansprucht.

1.200 KCAL

the body burns on an
18-hole round.

8-10 KM

are covered in an 18-hole round.

Start playing golf with us!


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