1. Trial

The ideal start

2. Golf license course

The first big goal of a golf beginner

3. Kosaido-

Rookie training & rookie memberships

Become a Kosaido Rookie!

As a member of the Kosaido, with your handicap from 54 to 37, you benefit from regular events, courses and tournaments that are tailored to you as a young golfer.

Rookie Evolution – From beginner to winner!

Rookie membership

With your new golf course qualification, you have now created the best conditions to get your rookie career rolling! After obtaining your license to play, you can become a Kosaido rookie in order to develop further in the Rookie Evolution program and to go from beginner to winner with regular events, courses and tournaments for Kosaido rookies!


Train together with other Kosaido rookies of the same skill level in special courses for beginners with one of our PGA trainers. Our professional trainers will help you stay on the ball and gradually get better. So that you can develop the joy of golf, our courses take place regularly on a weekly basis. This is also where you will be prepared for your first tournament!

As a Kosaido rookie, you take part at discounted rates.

Beginners Cup

As a Kosaido rookie, take part in the Beginners Cup exclusively for players with a handicap from 54 to 40, gain your first tournament experience and maybe even improve your handicap! However, the focus is on having fun. The Beginners Cup is accompanied by an experienced game master who is available to answer questions about the game or rules at any time during the tournament. After the tournament we will exchange ideas about the tournament over cold drinks and celebrate the award ceremony together!

Rookie rules night

We are aware that rookies are lacking experience on the golf course or at a tournament. At our regular evening for rookies, we will show you what you should be aware of and clarify all kinds of questions.

Rookie Club Championship

The Rookie Club Championship takes place once a year and is the highlight of your rookie evolution!

From a handicap 54 – 40 you play your first club championship together with other rookies of the same skill level, in which the current rookie club champion is searched for and found every year!