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Few golf courses offer such a spectacular topography and a corresponding sporting challenge. The 18-hole championship course in the middle of the foothills of the Bergisches Land with a view far into the Ruhr area and the Cologne Bay meets the highest international standards. Surrounded by riding and hiking trails, the facility extends over a 64-hectare site. With a length of 5,562 meters for men and 5,044 meters for women, the course has a standard of par 71. Kosaido offers a sporty terrain for an exciting golf and nature experience.

Hole 1

A relatively short par 5 that good players can reach with
2 strokes. The green is very well protected by a beautiful water hazard and 3 bunkers and requires accuracy.

Bahn 1

Hole 2

This par 3, with its large difference in height from the tee to the green, plays a lot shorter than the meters suggest

Hole 3

This fairway requires great concentration (HCP 1). A par 4 with a dogleg to the left.
A stream runs right through the landing zone.

Hole 4

The tee-off on this dogleg on the right must be positioned in the left half of the fairway in order to have a good angle for the approach.

Hole 5

Long hitters can attack the green directly on this short dogleg on the left, for everyone else it is important to position the ball far to the right in order to have the best angle in the green, which is well guarded
by bunkers.

Hole 6

This 171 meter long par 3 for men is straight forward. Depending on the position of the flag, the strategically placed bunkers come into play.

Hole 7

A short par 4. Play the tee-off far to the right in the direction of the directional post in order to then have the best angle into the green. This is well guarded by bunkers.

Hole 8

This short par 3 goes downhill and gives the best view of a spacious green. Here you have the opportunity to play a birdie for all skill levels.

Hole 9

It is not without good reason that this track is one of the heaviest on the field. From the tee to the green, the highest precision is required on this
par 4. The tee is placed in the left half to have the best opportunity to hit the well-guarded green.

Hole 10

The tenth tee is also the highest point in Düsseldorf and awaits the players with a unique view. From the tee to the green it’s all downhill. This makes the track play shorter than it is.

Hole 11

This exciting par 3 should be played on the right side of the spacious green to have a good chance of a par or birdie.

Hole 12

On this par 5, a gorge with a biotope separates the fairway from the tee. This requires a clean tee to reach the large landing area. The green is slightly elevated and is surrounded by numerous bunkers.

Hole 13

Place the tee shot to the right of the fairway bunker, which is rewarded by a sloping fairway towards the green. The green is deeper and offers a good view of the approach.

Hole 14

The drive zone is extensive and should ideally be played on the left. The green is well guarded by bunkers. Therefore, it pays to just play it in the middle.

Hole 15

Knowledge of the place is clearly an advantage here. Position the tee shot on the left just before the fairway bunker to have the best view of the deeper green. Due to the difference in height, the length must be well calculated when approaching.

Hole 16

Due to the depression between the tee and the green, this par 3 looks longer than it is. Trust in given lengths is important here and the path to success on this track.

Hole 17

Strategy over length! Place the ball in the middle of the second plateau of the fairway to have the best opportunity to hit the green. The shot into the generous green requires maximum concentration in order to master the spectacular gorge.

Hole 18

This par 5 is easy to play thanks to its wide fairways. Uphill and without major obstacles. The green has a step that comes into play depending on the position of the flag.

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18 holes, 18 challenges

Only 15 minutes away from Düsseldorf City you will experience an extraordinary sport and nature experience with a fascinating view over a beautiful landscape.

Live the Kosaido experience!

You can easily book your tee times using the PC Caddy App or by email to proshop@kosaido.de.

The handicap requirement is HCPI – 36 at the weekend and HCPI 45 during the week. If you would like to play with a group and your guests do not meet the requirement, please contact us.