Hygiene guidelines for the golf facilities and Covid 19 course rules

  • From 04th March 2022, the 3G regulation will once again apply to golf. In addition to vaccinated and recovered persons, tested persons are also allowed to play their sport again according to the regulation. Please note the applicable contact restrictions for tested persons according to §6 sentence 1 number 1 – 3 of the Corona Protection Ordinance. According to this, for example, the simultaneous play of a tested person with three other persons from another household in a group of players would not be permitted.

    If you have specific questions about your individual situation, we recommend that you contact our Proshop team directly.

  • Down below you find the link for the german Corona Protection Ordinance from March 04th 2022


  • Please keep a distance of five metres between each other on the entire course, i.e. the car park, caddy hall, proshop, driving range, clubhouse and golf course.

  • Only a maximum of 3 people are allowed in the caddy hall.

  • To avoid infection via contaminated objects in play, the flagstick, rakes in the bunker and score cards of fellow players, as well as their balls, tees etc. must not be touched. We have used foam inserts to make it easy to pick up your ball from the hole.

  • Buggies are only allowed for one person. Exceptions are made for people of your own household.

  • The toilet on the course will remain closed until further notice.